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Fibre Optics

Fibre optic cabling produces faster data transmission with fewer interruptions

EDS Technology is the specialist in fibre optic cabling in Melbourne. Our professional technicians install fibre runs in schools, corporate offices, and new and existing business developments, based on customers’ individual needs. We are ACMA approved and utilise state of the art termination and testing equipment to ensure the termination is operating at its full capacity, without disruption. If you are interested in improving productivity at your commercial venture, fibre optic cabling is ideal, as it increases the speed of data transmission, with decreased interruptions to the signal.

The advantages of installing fibre optics in Melbourne


Enjoy a network that operates at higher speeds, reaching into the gigabytes.

Digital data transmission

Data is transmitted digitally, rather than analogically like in LED and LASER cables.


Fibre optic cables possess a larger carrying capacity with greater bandwidth than traditional metal data cables.


Unlike traditional cabling, less ongoing maintenance is needed to keep fibre optic cabling operating efficiently, making them a more affordable option.


Fibre optic cables provide greater resistance against electromagnetic noises, allowing you to experience less interference with your data transmission.

At EDS Technology we provide a complete fibre optic service from installation to repairs. Our professionals install a range of fibre optic systems including single mode, multimode and plastic optical fibre (POF). We also install fibre optic equipment including fibre trays, media converters and fibre patch leads. When it comes to repairs, our technicians provide ongoing maintenance and repair to fibre cabling. For peace of mind, all cabling is tested and commissioned by current OTDR’s. This process confirms the signal quality or potential decibel (DB).

Our professionals are more than happy to provide advice and guidance in regards to selecting the best cabling for your needs. Below we have outlined the differences between the systems, but don’t hesitate to contact our friendly staff to find out more.

Single mode cabling

As its name suggests, single mode cabling has one mode of transmission. The single strand of glass fibre carries a higher bandwidth. It is also favoured when longer runs of fibre are needed, as it has the ability to transmit data 50 times further than multimode fibre.

Multimode cable

The multimode cable is crafted from two fibres manufactured from POF (plastic optical fibre). The innovative plastic based optical fibre operates just like glass. Multimode cabling is ideal for medium distances between 275m to 2km. It is renowned for delivering high bandwidth and speeds ranging from 10 to 100MB.